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Havana Club Hamza 70Cl 40° - Limited Edition

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Havana Club and Hamza celebrate together the first anniversary of Paradise’s release, recently Gold certified.

Through this collaboration, Hamza goes back to his visual and cultural inspirations, between Earth and Nirvana.

“Sometimes I live, Tomorrow I die.”

Havana Club 7 is the essence of Cuban rum. Aged for a minimum of 7 years In oak barrels, this rum holds layers of Cuban flavors ready to be discovered : sweet, tobacco, aromatic spices and lush island fruit.

Pair Havana 7 with a Ginger Ale mixer and a dash of lime.

- Weekdagen: Besteld voor 17u, volgende dag geleverd
- Vrijdag voor 17u besteld: Levering op maandag, tenzij je voor zaterdaglevering koos.
- Vrijdag na 17u besteld of in het weekend: Levering op dinsdag.

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